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Singer invokes ’80s Porsche rally vibe with ACS 911

US bespoke car builder Singer has revealed a wild all-terrain 911 duo based around Porsche’s 1980 rally cars.

Inspired by the 911 and 959 World Rally and Rally Raid racers, the Singer All-terrain Competition Study (ACS) has been shown as the Dakar Rally takes off this year, suiting the new white ‘high-speed desert’ rallying 911. The red car is purpose-built for tarmac duties.

Mechanically, there is a raft of changes, like a strengthened chassis, twin rally-spec dampers with five-way adjustment, long-range fuel tank, front, centre and rear limited-slip differentials and a five-speed sequential dog-box. The latter lets the driver push on without lifting throttle, and is operated by either steering wheel-mounted paddles or an extended lever in the cabin. There are two spare wheels and the rubber selected is BF-Goodrich A/T around 16-inch x 8-inch wide forged aluminium rims.

Under the back is a Porsche 3.6-litre flat-six engine with two intercooler-fed turbos to help produce 335kW of power and 569Nm of torque.

The cars were commissioned by a Singer client who remains anonymous, and both inside and outside are finished with unique elements, such as a carbon-fibre dash and cabin moulds, recovery hooks and shorter doors.

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Alex Van Ravenswaaij
Alex Van Ravenswaaij
1 year ago

How to mess up a perfectly good 911….

Alex Rae

Alex Rae