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Ford Australia to launch Active Thanks Assist technology

Ford Australia has announced it will begin the roll-out of its new Active Thanks Assist technology to help reduce road rage.

FORD AUSTRALIA IS hoping its new Active Thanks Assist technology will reduce the potential for road rage incidents.

In a statement, Ford said: “Ford’s Future Technologies Team based at the Asia Pacific Product Development Centre, Broadmeadows, developed ATA in a bid to increase goodwill on Australian roads. The technology is designed to both acknowledge the good driving behaviour of others, while Active Sorry Assist (ASA) will apologise for any instances of poor behaviour by the Ford driver.

Active Thanks Assist - April Fools Joke


“Positioned on the car’s steering wheel, next to the volume controls, the hand-icon button is simply pressed and held to display a digital waving hand on the vehicle’s rear windscreen, using reverse heads-up display technology, which is visible both day and night.”

Dr. Hugh Morris, Ford Australia’s Future Technologies Team Engineering lead, speaking about the technology said: “Through a reasonably simple design, matched with innovative technological advances in monitoring driver behavior, we have managed to ensure nobody ever ‘forgets to wave’ again.

“We were inspired by the recurring stories in focus groups of customers either being frustrated by those who don’t wave, or annoyed at themselves for forgetting to wave. This solves both issues in a driver-initiated and autonomous way. At Ford, we know a calm driver is a clever driver, which in turn makes the road a happier place to drive.”

April Fools. 

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6 years ago

Hahahaha!! Well done PM!! had me going til the end. Needed a laugh today even though it is 4th April already! Time flies!

Isaac Bober

Isaac Bober