Ford Australia has pulled some of its 2.0-litre diesel vehicles from sale due to a batch of faulty fuel injectors.

Ford has issued a stop sale on certain Ranger, Everest, Endura and Transit models fitted with its 2.0-litre four-cylinder diesel engine.

Models affected include both turbo and twin-turbocharged variants of the motor. The notice comes after Ford Australia told dealerships last month that a batch of 2.0-litre diesel engines equipped to the Transit were affected by faulty fuel injectors.

The problem exists only for vehicles built during some months this year and not on earlier models due to a batch of defective high-pressure fuel injectors supplied to Ford by Continental which did not meet specifications. Though affected vehicles have been sidelined from sale until fixed, there are some defective models that have already been delivered to customers.

Symptoms include engine misfire and reduced performance, though it is unlikely power will be lost completely. The defective fuel injectors will be replaced by Ford dealerships.

The specific models affected by the issue are:

Ford Ranger built May 2 – July 10

Ford Everest built April 27 – September 17

Ford Endura built February 25 – August 6

Ford Transit built March 20 – May 23

Ford Transit Custom built March 12 – July 10

Ford Australia has taken action to remove the 2000 affected models imported locally from sale until rectified and any owners with affected vehicles will be notified to have the problem fixed.

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