Here’s a custom RHD Suzuki Jimny ute you can import offered with a swathe of custom accessories for off-roading and land keeping. But there’s a catch, of course.

ANOTHER SUZUKI Jimny ute conversion has surfaced, this time in the UK where the lightweight four-wheel drive with a cut body and tray on the back is “Perfect for Landowners, Farmers, Gamekeepers, estate management and hunting.”

That’s the line according to UK custom Jimny ute builder Shropshire Quads, which is converting the new Jimny using experience converting the previous generation model.

Image: Shropshire Quads

Unlike an example seen recently in New Zealand, the UK version can be wildly customised, with options for a 3-inch lift, big flotation tyres, dual rear wheels, window grilles, canopies, and carrying racks.

Modifying the new Jimny’s body and maintaining the integrity of the ladder-frame chassis, work begins with cutting the rear of the wagon body off completely and replacing it with a metal rear bulkhead (with heated rear screen) and curvaceous plastic side mouldings that sculpt into the new rear panel.

A pickup tray is attached to the rear of the chassis, constructed entirely of aluminium and stainless steel, with a rear drop-down tailgate that’s also removable. One point of the build that saw particular attention is the fuel filler, now recessed and mounted into the driver’s side tub.

Image: Shropshire Quads

Powering the small farm truck is the same 1.5-litre four-cylinder naturally-aspirated petrol engine found in the current version on sale in Australia, producing 75kW at 6000rpm and 130Nm at 4000rpm, but only through a five-speed manual.

The conversion cost starts at around $10,000 with accessories and customisations on top of that. The price of a base-model manual Jimny in Australia is $25,990 plus on-road costs – though the UK ute builder uses UK-sourced Jimnys.

Image: Shropshire Quads

Shropshire Quads’ Jimny ute can technically be imported to Australia and it is right-hand drive, however, it would not be registerable and could only be used on private property for its intended purpose as a landowner utility vehicle.

That doesn’t entirely rule out a factory Jimy ute in the future, though. In 2018, Suzuki unveiled the concept Jimny Sierra Pickup Style at the Tokyo auto show…. We’re still waiting on that one.

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