The ultimate collection of Australian muscle cars is going up for auction – one of them has not even gone through the dealer delivery service, and there’s a GT-HO that’s like brand new.

Surely at least one of these cars will bust the $1 million mark when the Ultimate Aussie Muscle Car Auction opens on January 26 and closes on February 15.

We often see auctions touting some iconic Aussie muscle, but the collection here and pristine quality is one for the history books. At a glance, here is what Slattery Auctions will be putting under the gavel soon:




2017 HSV GTSR W1


1975 DATSUN 260Z

Ok, we know that a Datsun is not an Aussie Muscle car, but it’s wrapped up in the auction which begins later this month, this factory orange Z is absolutely mouth-watering for 1970s Japanese muscle car fans.

And what about that 1971 Ford XY Falcon GT-HO in immaculate condition? 

“There is talk that this one could crack a million,’’ says Slattery Auctions asset manager Steve Waterman.

“The guys from the Ford museum here in Perth have had a look at it and it’s their opinion that it’s probably one of the best in Australia.

“An unbelievable recondition job was done on it a number of years ago. It has never been driven in recent years and it’s still like a brand-new car.

“It’s better than when it rolled off the production line.’’

The two Toranas are sure to haul a big price, the LX A9X in Super Mint Green with 251k on the clock, and the LJ GTR XU-1 44,972.

The 2017 HSV Maloo ute has just 20km on the clock and the factory wrapping still on the seats. “It hasn’t even gone through dealer delivery,’’ says Waterman. “It’s still as it came from the production line.’’

Waterman adds that car aficionados who had viewed the vehicles so far had commented that they were “among the best in Australia” and online interest was “going crazy”.

“Some of the cars being presented are just unbelievable,’’ he said.

Another modern Aussie muscle car, the red 2017 HSV GTSR W1 (number 206 of a run of just 240 of “the most powerful Holden Commodore ever produced’’) has just 50km on the clock.

“People are talking crazy money on that at the moment,’’ he said. . “A W1 ute is up for auction and bidding is currently over $1,000,000.”

“It’s the best of the best scenario. The very last, most powerful car that they ever produced and only in limited numbers. “This is basically as it rolled off the showroom floor.’’

Waterman says the two HSVs “have to be the best examples of those in Australia because they’re basically brand new’’.

The Hot Mustard Valiant Charger E49 is also a museum piece. “The Valiant Charger is the Bathurst edition of that Charger,’’ adds Waterman. The odometer shows 15,765 miles, with the age believed to be at 115,765 or greater.

There’s also a classic 1971 Holden HQ Monaro which is the only car that has not been extensively reconditioned, and understandably generating a lot of interest.

The auction opens on January 26 and will end on February 15. Find out more at Slattery Auctions. Or Contact: Steve Waterman Ph: 0407 777 893


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  1. I see that the last VF SSV was just sold for $750k.

    I guess the wife who postponed her kitchen upgrade for the sake of the SSV purchase is happy with her decision.

    Practical Motoring: Any chance of a few photos of the kitchen she bought with $750k? LOL.

    And I guess her car enthusiast husband has enough left over for a C63 or M4?

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