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ACT introduces two years free rego for EVs

ACT is shaping up as one of the most EV-friendly places to live in Australia.

The ACT has taken another step to incentivize buying of electric vehicles, making it one of the most EV-friendly states and territories in Australia to own an electric vehicle.

Following on from its stamp duty exemption for any electric vehicle registered in the ACT, EV buyers will also receive two years of free registration.

This is available for both new and used electric vehicles as well as converted vehicles, and piles up savings for EV owners.

To be eligible, the electric vehicle must be purchased between May 24 2021, and June 2024. 

It is expected that interest-free loans may also come for purchases on electric vehicles up to $15,000 if the Labour Government can make good on all of its EV-incentive promises.

“The registration and stamp duty combined savings can represent up to 4 to 5 per cent of the cost of the vehicle so it’s a significant saving for the consumer,” said ACT Chief Minister Andrew Barr.

“We are the most EV supportive city in Australia and I think this new initiative will further accelerate the take up of these zero-emission vehicles.”

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