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Bentley Bentayga leaked in scale model?

The model makers have struck again with a 2015 Bentley Bentayga scale model being leaked ahead of the SUV’s official debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

THE VERY SAME thing happened to Land Rover with a scale model of its Discovery Sport leaking onto the internet ahead of the vehicle’s official reveal. And now the model makers have struck again with what appears to be a genuine scale model of the 2015 Bentley Bentayga. That said, we won’t know for sure until the Bentley SUV is revealed at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

Bentley last teased the Betayga off-roading in a video that showed it to be just as capable as most other luxury SUVs, but not in the same league as, say, a Range Rover which manages to combine luxury with genuine off-road ability.

The Betayga sits on, roughly, the same platform as the new Audi Q7 and it’ll run a tweaked 6.0-litre W12; a V8 is rumoured to be on the cards too.

You can follow the link to see more of the model images at Car News China.

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Isaac Bober

Isaac Bober