The all-new Toyota Kluger (known as Highlander in the US) has been teased ahead of its reveal at the New York Motor Show this month.

Most car makers like to tease their new releases via shawdowy images showing off a taillight or a camouflaged mule tearing around a race track. But Toyota decided to create an art installation to tease the all-new Kluger (which is known as Highlander in the US).

The new seven-seat SUV will get its global reveal at the New York Motor show on 17th April. Toyota engaged “augmented reality artist” Michael Murphy to “create a 3D illusion for its fourth-generation 2020 Highlander (Kluger)”.

Here’s what Toyota had to say, “The art installation capitalizes on the new sculpted design elements that will make Highlander (Kluger) stand out in the marketplace. This art installation also will appear high in the sky through video that will be projected on buildings around New York leading up to the show. The art installation captures the all-new Highlander’s (Kluger’s) powerful stance with a modern, sophisticated attitude. In a two-month process, Murphy started with a design rendering of the car to create 3D printouts, then hand painted each piece to match a design rendering of the car. The 200 individual pieces were then strategically placed to appear as if floating in air, creating a three-dimensional Highlander (Kluger)”.

So, beyond the froth and bubble is there anything this art installation can tell us about the new Kluger? A little bit and that is that it looks to have followed in the footsteps of the all-new RAV4. What do you think?

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