The much-anticipated Ford Bronco is returning to the US in 2020 and a report out of the US suggests there are some teething issues…

US ADVENTURE LIFESTYLE PUBLICATION, Gear Patrol has released an article today quoting an anonymous Ford engineer who suggests the Bronco is being tainted by committee thinking. This engineer claims the reason the return of the Ford GT supercar was so successful was because it was kept secret from 99% of Ford. Not so, the returning Bronco which, according to Gear Patrol, is being paralysed by opinions from different sectors of the business and that Ford is “missing the point”.

However, this could all just be a smokescreen. If Ford was smart, it would let its Australian design and engineering outpost loose on the new Bronco, if it isn’t already. You only have to see what it did with the Ranger and Everest for proof of its ability.

According to the unnamed source, the new Bronco, which is allegedly in its third design phase will look a lot like the original Ford Troller Concept out of Brazil many years ago. According to Gear Patrol’s source, “They [Ford] just commissioned another design study, because they feel it looks toomuch like a Wrangler,” said our source. “If you’re familiar with the [Ford] Troller, out of Brazil, that’s the basic concept, but it’ll look like a four-door version of that.”

Ford Bronco Concept 2004
This Ford Bronco concept was shown in 2004.

Interestingly, or perhaps oddly, given we know the new Bronco will run the same front and rear axles as the Wrangler, via a leaked Dana investors paper, Gear Patrol’s unnamed source is claiming the new Bronco is intended to compete with the Wrangler in all areas except rock crawling, because “of some concerns with the frame”.

Read the full Gear Patrol article HERE.

Question: What do you think, does this sound like a smokescreen to cover the reveal of a Bronco designed to overwhelm the Jeep Wrangler? Should Ford have used the short-wheelbase Ranger (available in some markets) as the basis for the new Bronco?


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