Ford has announced its limited-edition Falcon Sprint models will be fitted with Pirelli P-Zero rubber that improve braking distances…

FORD HAS announced the limited-edition Falcon Sprint which will be released in May will be fitted with Pirelli P-Zero rubber, while the suspension for both turbocharged and V8 variants has been tweaked to improve ride and handling. But, the “special rubber” they’ll be fitted with is claimed to be able to reduce braking distances… but Ford didn’t say by how much. So we asked.

Ford said, “The Product Development team, working with Pirelli Tyres, has managed to introduce the high-performance P-Zero tyre to match the vehicles’ dynamic capability, which not only improves handling but also reduces braking distances”.

“Customers will certainly notice the difference,” according to Vehicle Line Director of Falcon and Territory, David Wilkinson. “All Fords are renowned for their dynamic DNA – from steering to ride and handling – and with the XR Sprint series our enthusiast customers will experience a number of improvements first-hand. The ride and steering response has improved and the cars feel more agile and can easily be adjusted mid-corner.”

As well, the new performance Brembo brake package has been confirmed as a premium six-piston (front) and four-piston (rear) setup in a “unique” gold colour.

But, back to the stopping distance. The new tyres, Ford told Practical Motoring reduce stopping distances by an impressive three metres. We asked at what speed that was but we haven’t heard back; we suspect it’s at 100km/h.


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  1. What a joke, Pirelli are nowhere the best tyres. I’d be asking my dealer to change them for Michelin Pilot Sports.. I think they should have stuck with Dunlop or done some more research.

      1. Based on previous experience with the P Zeros, they were a very average tyre. Poor tread wear, but not great grip and only ok in the wet. For a car liked his and let me say I own a BF F6 making 500kW, tyre choice is very important for these cars. My top three would be:

        Michelin Pilot Sport
        Goodyear Eagle F2 Asymmetric
        Continental Sport Contact 6

        I also tried Yokohamas that were nice but way too soft. The Goodyear’s earlier were easily best wet weather tyre, but I think the others have caught up. Don’t forget manufacturers don’t always put the best tyre on the car, but the best tyre deal they can get.

        1. Absolutely. And I like the fact you’ve got some real-world evidence to back up your statement. And a suitably powerful car where, as you say, the tyres matter. I think the idea with the Falcon Sprint is that it was meant to be a last hurrah with Ford ‘choosing’ the best tyres it could for the thing, but you might well be right about the penny pinching… that said, they do claim they pull up the car 3m sooner than the stock tyres on the stock car… but at what speed? We still haven’t been told. – Isaac

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