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How to: Water Crossings


Driving through water can be an intimidating experience for novices and experts alike. In this video, we show you the simple tips to help you get through a water crossing safely.

Remember these simple steps

Walk it first – Unless you can clearly see the depth and what’s underneath, hop out and use a stick to check and even walk it.

Water crossing preparation – If it’s a deep crossing, you’ll need a snorkel on the car. Other accessories such as a cover or radiator blind (car bra) can also be fitted – in this Ranger we’re within the water wading depth and safe to cross without any accessories.

This Ford Ranger has a water-wading capability of 800mm, which should be more than plenty to keep you dry.

Driving across water – If you have lockers, now is the time to engage them. Even if the surface beneath the water isn’t very slippery, you’ll want all the traction available to you.

Select the correct gear for the crossing. On many vehicles, this will be low-range second gear, which should provide enough speed to build up a decent bow wave in front of the vehicle without it splashing all over the bonnet and up the windscreen.

When you get home – If you’ve been driving through deep water, you’ll need to make sure it hasn’t made its way into critical vehicle components. When you get back home, lift up the bonnet and have a quick look in fuse boxes and around other electrical items. Check your radiator and cooling fan for any signs of damage. Pull out the engine and transmission dipsticks to make sure the oil isn’t cloudy and grey, which will signify water ingress.

To learn more about the Ranger, click here 

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paul d
17 days ago

Only walk in first IF you are a good swimmer. It may be deeper than you think [which is what you are trying to assess]. The police complain if they have to find & fish out your body from downstream.

11 days ago

And be mindful of crocodiles if you are in North Qld

jon redman
jon redman
2 days ago
Reply to  Bill

Very good advice

5 days ago

You also have to work out if the water flow is safe.

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