Everybody wants top service and mates rates, right? It’s a two way street, as Scott May from Everything 4WD explains:

“We get a lot of people coming into the store looking for the next bit of kit for their car and we are more than happy to assist with any questions the may have in regards to the product in question. There are however certian things I would not recommend doing as this will only serve to annoy us which in turn will affect your bargaining power when it come to price.”


  • Don’t pick your nose while asking me what castor correction you should put in you GQ Patrol, its just not nice.
  • Don’t tell me how awesome you and your car are, its kinda like that person at work who talks about their cat all the time.
  • Don’t ask “Is that your best price”, not only does this question annoy me it also annoys customers when a quote goes up $1000….MY ‘best price’ would be well above retail, I got mouths to feed you know.
  • Don’t spend an hour bombarding me with questions only to come back the next day with “The bloke down the road can do it cheaper”. Bring in a written quote to show me you have put in the leg work instead of trying to call my bluff.
  • Don’t tell me the cheap stuff on from in eBay is just as good for half the price, I don’t come to your work and tell you the materials your using are overpriced.
  • Curb the swearing lads….I’m no angel ,but when I first meet some one I don’t start off with “How the F $&k ar ya”
  • Don’t tell me about the bloke on the forum, if BigMacca88 knows so much about your 4×4 I suggest you go to his workshop.


  • If you have a problem, use your words and talk to us like people. Carrying on like a child in the lolly aisle at Coles will get you nowhere.
  • Ask as many questions as you like so we can understand exactly what you want from us, Knowledge is power and the more we have the better off you will be.

    And the most important….

  • LOYALTY, this one thing along will ensure you get a good deal. Start off with the small stuff like recovery gear, UHF or Camping gear and when you come to buy you new suspension we will do you a good price without you asking. Just ask a few of our regulars!



So there you go. This is consistent with everything we’ve heard about dealing with customers in the automotive industry. Seems that being fair and reasonable gets you a longer way than ranting and raving, even if you might get a bit of a deal just to make you go away.
We found this post on the Everything 4WD Facebook page and thought it was good enough to share, so we have, with Scott’s permission.
If you’re an industry insider and have similar tales to tell, send us a note. We’re always looking for interesting stories from the point of view of mechanics, salespeople, dealer principals and the like…
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