02 Jun 2021

Toyota LandCruiser 300 Series to be revealed next week

Highly anticipated and all-new 300 Series Cruiser is finally about to break cover after. Toyota Middle East has confirmed in a social post on Instagram that it will reveal the all-new 300 SEries LandCruiser next week. Set to make its debut there on June 9 at 9:30 pm local time,

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12 Apr 2021

Toyota Landcruiser to get 227kW/687Nm V6, leaked drawings

Toyota Landcruiser 300 Series reported to come with a new powerful V6 diesel turbo and Gazoo Racing off-road version. Toyota’s new 300 Series Landcruiser is not far from being unveiled and the Japanese website Creative Trend has listed plenty of details and patent drawings on the model, claiming new engines

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05 Feb 2021

First solid spy pics of new LandCruiser 300 Series?

Like blurry photos of UFOs, another set of images surface purporting to be the upcoming Toyota LandCruiser 300 Series. Are these the first real spy pics of the new Toyota LandCruiser 300 Series? According to Russia’s autospot car blog, Toyota shipped the yet-to-be-revealed four-wheel drive to Russia, and some sneaky

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15 Jan 2021

Is this UDO the new Toyota LandCruiser 300 Series?

More secret than Area 51, is this camo-clad test car Toyota’s next-gen four-wheel drive? An unidentified driving object has been spied testing in Japan, and punters are suggesting it is the first sighting of the upcoming 300 Series Toyota LandCruiser. Given the blurry nature of this image shared to the

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26 Oct 2020

Testing Bluesteele’s 1000Nm Toyota LandCruiser 70 Series

Bluesteele’s 70 Series isn’t any ordinary LandCruiser wagon, it packs over 1000Nm underneath the bonnet and houses one of the best aftermarket clutch kits available for heavy-duty on and off-road performance. Produced with Bluesteele Clutch Hugely popular and a survivor against contemporary counterparts, Toyota’s LandCruiser 70 Series is a classic

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22 Sep 2020

Toyota LandCruiser 300 rumours…again

LandCruiser bingo continues as a new engine rumour (about the fifteenth on our count) enters the arena. It wouldn’t be another month without a murmur somewhere in the globe on what engine/spec/ability the new LandCruiser ‘300 Series’ has. In fact, there should not be any rumours left, as Toyota was

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Toyota LandCruiser hybrid for Australia 300 Series
26 Mar 2020

Toyota: LandCruiser hybrid “an education thing” for Aussies

You don’t need to be worried about towing, driving long distances and offroad ability when it comes to a hybrid LandCruiser. QUELLING ANY thoughts that a hybrid Toyota LandCruiser could be too soft for the land down under, Toyota Australia says that it has ‘considerable input’ on what the new

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Australia HSV Silverado 1500 Chevrolet
02 Mar 2020

The top 5 new Aussie cars to last over 300,000km

These are the top five cars on sale in Australia that are most likely to clock over 300,000km. ALTHOUGH YOU probably already knew it, if you own a Toyota LandCruiser 200 Series you own the car most likely to drive over 300,000km in its lifetime. But there are plenty of

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Toyota LandCruiser hybrid 2020 arriving
14 Jan 2020

Toyota LandCruiser 3.5L Hybrid to be revealed in August

The next-gen Toyota LandCruiser is set to go hybrid with a twin-turbo V6, TNGA platform underneath and new styling and tech.

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electric Toyota Land Cruiser Voltra Australia
17 Dec 2019

Electric Toyota LandCruiser production increases

Australian made electric Toyota LandCruisers are proving to be easier to maintain and nicer to drive than the original diesel offering.

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18 Jun 2018

Top 5: Oldest Surviving 4×4 Nameplates

Four-wheel drives generally have a longer model lifecycle than passenger cars, but some nameplates take this to the extreme…Here are the Top 5 Oldest Surviving 4×4 Nameplates still available on the Aussie new-car market.

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NIssan Patrol Ti Vs Toyota LandCruiser 200 GXL
25 Dec 2017

Head to Head: Nissan Patrol Ti Vs Toyota LandCruiser GXL

We thought we’d compare the run-out Nissan Patrol Ti with the Toyota LandCruiser GXL – they are natural rivals, after all.

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2017 Toyota landCruiser 76 Series Wagon review 70%
24 Nov 2017

2017 Toyota LandCruiser 76 Wagon Review

Dean Mellor’s 2017 Toyota LandCruiser 76 Wagon Review With Pricing, Specs, Performance, Ride And Handling, Safety, Verdict And Score.

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Forget about clambering up mountains, Toyota tweaked a LandCruiser to go after the SUV speed record and it did it, becoming ‘World’s Fastest SUV’.
15 May 2017

Toyota LandCruiser becomes ‘World’s Fastest SUV’

Forget about clambering up mountains, Toyota tweaked a LandCruiser to go after the SUV speed record and it did it, becoming the ‘World’s Fastest SUV’.

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Toyota Land Speed Cruiser revealed
04 Nov 2016

Toyota reveals 2000hp Toyota Land Speed Cruiser at SEMA… Why?

Toyota has revealed a bunch of modified vehicles at SEMA this week, but the 2000hp Toyota Land Speed Cruiser is probably the most… ridiculous.

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