Top Gear Season 27 trailer released
29 May 2019

Top Gear Season 27 Trailer dropped…

Season 27 of Top Gear will see yet another reboot of the British TV program with new hosts as the BBC tries to reclaim the ‘pull’ the program once had.

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Freddie Flintoff and Paddy McGuiness join Chris Harris as hosts of new-look Top Gear
22 Oct 2018

BBC announces new hosts for Top Gear in 2019…

The BBC has announced another line-up change for Top Gear with Paddy McGuiness and Freddie Flintoff joining Chris Harris for Series 27 in 2019.

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The Lego Stig
16 Apr 2018

Meet the Lego Stig

Some say he’s made of Lego… oh, wait, he is… Lego has imagined the Stig as a Disney Pixar Cars character alongside Lightning McQueen.

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Top Gear USA
29 Jan 2018

Top Gear USA back next week… with an all-new cast

Announced last year, there’s a new trio in control of Top Gear USA and it’ll be a return to the tried and tested format of the UK show from next week.

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13 Apr 2017

Top Gear’s Chris Harris on cars (Interview)

We get Top Gear’s Chris Harris on the phone to talk about cars, his motoring heroes, and why he wants a Chevrolet Camaro Z28

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The Stig sets speed record with a dodgem car
31 Mar 2017

The Stig hits 160km/h in a… dodgem car

Top Gear’s The Stig has set a world speed record by driving a modified dodgem car at more than 160km/h…

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Top Gear Season 24
21 Mar 2017

Why I like the new Top Gear – Season 24…

Different is not necessarily bad… and I reckon the new Season 24 of Top Gear is good.

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Top Gear Season 24 trailer released
13 Mar 2017

Why Top Gear needs to be turned off… and Fifth Gear turned back on

Forget the back-story and the atrocious return to the screen last year, there’s a new Top Gear on TV, but I’m not so sure it should be.

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Top Gear Season 24 trailer released
07 Feb 2017

Top Gear: Season 24 Extended Trailer drops

An extended trailer for Season 24 of Top Gear has hit You Tube offering a glimpse at what we can expect…

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08 Oct 2016

The Boys are back – The Grand Tour trailer drops

Top Gear might have limped on without them, but car fans the world over have been holding their breath for Clarkson, Hammond and May to return in the Grand Tour.

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Matt LeBlanc
27 Sep 2016

Matt LeBlanc to host Top Gear in 2017

The BBC has confirmed that US actor Matt LeBlanc will front the next season of Top Gear supported by Rory Reid and Chris Harris.

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05 Jul 2016

Chris Evans leaves Top Gear, investigated over ’90s sexual assaults allegations

In news that is not unexpected and will delight the show’s many fans, Chris Evans has officially stepped down from Top Gear.

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Behind the scenes with Rory Reid and the Mustang 2.3L ‘EcoBoost’ 4 Cylinder Turbo.
20 May 2016

Top Gear TV – Q&A: Meet Rory Reid!

Rory Reid is the least known presenter on the new series of Top Gear which returns to TV later this month, but we’ve got a Q&A with him…

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Top Gear teaser released
01 Apr 2016

New Top Gear trailer teased ahead of show return in May

After months of hype, and not all of it good, the new Top Gear series, minus Jeremy Clarkson and Co, has been teased in a new trailer.

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Top Gear Stig
12 Jan 2016

What might be wrong with the new Top Gear

Jeremy, James and Richard are gone, and we have four replacements for the new Top Gear, Or is that two?

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