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The Stig hits 160km/h in a… dodgem car

Top Gear’s The Stig has set a world speed record by driving a modified dodgem car at more than 160km/h…

THE STIG has set a Guinness World Record by driving a restored 1960s dodgem car at more than 160km/h. YouTube-er Colin Furze was tasked with building something fast from something incredibly slow for The Stig to celebrate the new series of Top Gear.

The Stig sets speed record with a dodgem car

Despite the average speed of a dodgem car being less than 10km/h, The Stig, thanks to Colin’s clever engineering and the addition of a 100 horsepower, 600cc Honda motorbike engine managed to hit 160km/h.

Colin Furze said: “Stig’s at his happiest when he’s making the slow, fast – so what better way to celebrate the new series of Top Gear than by taking a rusty old bumper car and converting it into the ultimate fairground speed machine!”

Lucia Sinigagliesi, Guinness World Records Adjudicator said: “We’re all used to seeing The Stig driving at high speeds – but he’s usually in a sports car and usually on a race track. To see him hurtle past in a classic bumper car at 100mph was surreal, but hugely impressive. Equally as impressive are the engineering expertise of Colin Furze – the combination of their skills makes for record-breaking fun.”

The Stig said: Nothing.

The modified dodgem car took three weeks to build, with the progress documented on YouTube, watch the video below.

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Andrew Riles
Andrew Riles
6 years ago

Have you seen any of Colin’s other videos?? The first one i saw was his mobility scooter that was capable of 70mph or so….the man is insane in the best kind of way…..

Isaac Bober

Isaac Bober