Some say he’s made of Lego… oh, wait, he is… Lego has imagined the Stig as a Disney Pixar Cars character alongside Lightning McQueen.

LEGO IS GETTING in on everything at the moment…and now it’s turned its hand to crafting Top Gear’s The Stig as a Lego car alongside a Lego version of Lightning McQueen for a short film. And according to the BBC which collaborated on the project, the animated film tells of the time that Lightning McQueen visited the Top Gear test track.

This is just silly…isn’t it?

“One of the world’s leading toy manufacturers has joined forces with the world’s biggest animation studio and the world’s biggest motoring entertainment show to produce a thrilling short film telling the story of Lightning McQueen’s trip to Top Gear’s test track outside London, where the star of Cars fulfills his dream of racing The Stig around the iconic circuit,” BBC Studios said.

Unfortunately, at this stage there’s no plan to send the Lego Stig car into production.

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