An extended trailer for Season 24 of Top Gear has hit You Tube offering a glimpse at what we can expect…

TOP GEAR HAS settled on the pick of its presenters after a disastrous opening season that ended with Chris Evans being shown the door and ex-Friends star, Matt LeBlanc asked to take the lead. He’s joined by motoring writers Chris Harris and Rory Reid.

The video shows the trio in a meeting with a BBC Insurance Department consultant and offers glimpses at what we’ll see in the next season. The trailer teased LeBlanc in some sort of James Bond-esque car chase in an Aston Martin DB11; Harris drifting the new Ferrari FXX K in Daytona; Reid crashing his Taxi in Kazakhstan; and LeBlanc and his Russian-built Avtoros Shaman coming to the rescue of a group of naked ramblers on the Isle of Man.

And then the Stig… I won’t spoil it. Enjoy.


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