17 Nov 2016

Ford Driving Skills for Life launched in Australia

Young drivers are over-represented in crashes, so good driving habits need to be formed early – Ford Driving Skills for Life launched in Australia.

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Does where a car's made really matter anymore?
14 Nov 2016

Country of origin Vs country of manufacture

German cars, Korean cars, Australian cars. You know what they are. Or do you? Is a car’s spiritual home the same as its actual country of manufacture? And which of those two matters more?

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Ford announce evasive steering assist
05 Nov 2016

Ford says its steering assist collision avoidance will be on cars by 2018…

Ford claims its steering assist collision avoidance system will be available on new models from 2018.

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17 Oct 2016

Why the Ford Everest is not classifed as an MC off road passenger vehicle

The Ford Everest is billed as an offroader, and is steadily gathering a loyal base of enthusiasts. That means the difficult questions keep coming… UPDATE 15/11/16: we have further explored the MA/MC issue, including noting that Victoria permits a 75mm lift for MC vehicles and the Queensland tyre restrictions. More

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Ford Ranger Wildtrak
28 Jun 2016

Updated 2017 Ford Ranger finally gets standard reversing camera

Ford has announced key details and upgrades for its 2017 model year Ranger which will be available from next month (July).

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Ford Everest Trend RWD
20 Jun 2016

2017 Ford Everest Trend RWD to launch here in September

Ford will launch a 2WD Ford Everest Trend onto the Australian market in September with prices starting at $55,990+ORC.

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Ford Ranger Wildtrak Vs Toyota HiLux SR5
20 May 2016

2016 Ford Ranger Wildtrak Vs 2016 Toyota HiLux SR5

The refreshed Ford Ranger Wildtrak takes on perennial ute-buyer favourite, the Toyota HiLux SR5 on the rutted, slippery and steep hills of Mount Walker, NSW.

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Ford Everest Titanium review 80%
04 May 2016

2016 Ford Everest Titanium review

Isaac Bober’s 2016 Ford Everest Titanium review with pricing, specs, ride and handling, safety, verdict, rating and score.

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Sync 3
08 Apr 2016

Ford to offer Sync 3 on Focus from July

Ford will beef up the Focus and Fiesta with its latest infotainment and communications system, Sync 3, when the refreshed LZ Focus arrives in July.

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Ford Employs Specially Trained ‘Engine Listeners’ to Ensure
05 Apr 2016

Ford employs engine listeners to tune Focus RS

Sounding like a late April Fool’s Day joke, Ford claims it employe engine listeners to ensure the engine note from each and every Focus RS… sounds right.

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Ford Mustang GT-H history
23 Mar 2016

Shelby, Ford, Hertz celebrate 50th anniversary of Shelby GT350-H rent-a-racer

Ford, Shelby and Hertz have revealed a limited-run of modified Mustangs, called the Ford Shelby GT-H, celebrating the 50th anniversary of the original rent-a-racer Shelby GT350-H.

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Model T Ford
21 Mar 2016

1915 Ford Model T in epic around the world journey [video]

Dutch couple continue their epic around the world journey in their 1915 Ford Model T, their journey began in 2012 and is ongoing.

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Ford Fiesta ST200
01 Mar 2016

147kW Ford Fiesta ST200 revealed… even hotter baby hot hatch

The Ford Fiesta ST200 has been revealed at the Geneva Motor Show boasting 147kW and 290Nm – Ford reckons its a future classic in the making…

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23 Feb 2016

Reader help: what can replace my Land Rover Discovery?

A reader isn’t sure what else could match his Land Rover Discovery… Ford Everest? We offer some advice.

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Mountune Performance Kit now in Australia
22 Feb 2016

Mountune Performance Kits available for Fiesta ST and Focus ST

Ford has announced it will sell the UK-developed Mountune Performance Kits for the Ford Fiesta ST and Focus ST. Kits are available from mid-year.

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