Reader help: should I go up a profile on my Ford Everest tyres?

Another tyre and wheel question, this time for a Ford Everest Trend.

TYRES AND WHEELS are the most common and most important upgrade to 4X4s, so we get a lot of questions. It is important to note that the overall diameter of the tyre is not affected by the size of the wheel the tyre is fitted to, so when you change from say 20-inch wheels to 18-inch wheels you have the same diameter tyre, just that the wheel is smaller and the tyre is thicker. And now here’s the question:

QUESTION: Hi Robert. I have just read the 4WD Handbook. Superb. Thank you. As a newbie about to buy an Everest, I am still not sure if the 18 inch wheels on the Trend are going to be OK for a trip around Oz. Not heavy offroading, just corrugations and some rocky areas and maybe sand. If I stick with the 18s (which I’d prefer to do for cost and no tyre dealer wants them!) do I go up to 65 profile? Your book explained the pros and cons of bigger tyres but I just don’t know if I will get any advantages or not. Your thoughts (if you have the time) would be appreciated. Thanks again.

ANSWER: Yes, the 18-inch wheel will work provided you fit light-truck construction tyres and remember to include the spare too. Going up a profile is a good idea, from 265/60/18 to as you say 265/65/18. However, as the Everest has an underslung spare you must ensure that the spare tyre fits. We are aware of owners running 265/70/18 tyres which just fit, so your target size of 265/65/18 should be ok.

You can also consider 17-inch wheels which are even better than 18-inch. Not only are the tyres cheaper, but there’s more sidewall between the ground and the wheel, which is always welcome when aired down and offroad. You’ll also find it easier to remove the tyre from the rim should you need to in the case of a bush repair. Many owners are running Ranger wheels on Everests.

While it doesn’t affect you as  Trend owner, Ford have also just announced a version of the Titanium tuned for 18-inch wheels – usually comes standard with 20-inch.

Robert Pepper

Robert Pepper