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Head to Head: Toyota C-HR Vs Honda HR-V

So, which one wins and why?

The C-HR might cost more but it comes with a lot more stuff than the HR-V, particularly in the critical area of safety. It’s also a far more interesting car to look at and to drive, although the HR-V is far better-looking than it was.

While they’re aimed at different consumers, it’s unlikely the HR-V will appeal to the breadth of customers the C-HR does. Most of the Toyota’s stock is already gone for the year as the company copes with huge global demand.

Both are pretty good cars – the HR-V is unbeatable for space – but the C-HR’s mix of looks, equipment, safety gear, style and dynamics puts it in front.

2017 Toyota C-HR review by Practical Motoring

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4 years ago

I had another look at C-HR this week – that back seat is ridiculous – it’s a 2 seater really.

Unless you have only 2 people and never want to carry enemies in the back seat – you’d never put friends there, and children would be car-sick in no-time, the HR-V is the only option you could consider (of these 2).

4 years ago
Reply to  Alan

I did sit in the read seats and it’s nothing as you said.
I’ll buy the C-HR if it’s a hybrid like in Europe.

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