Here’s a driving video worth looking at.

This video does not start with a panomaric view.  There are no words that appear letter by stattaco letter on screen, with blinking cursors.   You will not see a driver striding in slow motion across open tarmac, sunlight from behind, helmet in hand.   There are no blink-and-you-miss teaser shots that hint at the action to come.  There’s only one camera, inside the car.

It was shot in one take.  Because that’s all this driver needed.

If you really want to see what driving skill looks like, then forget Ken Block and his army of imitators, watch the real deal right here, and that woud be seven-time Australia rally champ Possum Bourne in 2001, driving in the Race to the Clouds.

The Race to the Sky is back in 2015, sponsored by Repco, and is now the world’s longest gravel hillclimb after Pike’s Peak was fully sealed.  But Possum won’t be back, he was tragically killed in 2003.  All we have is memories, so watch, learn and admire.

 If you want to see more similar videos of real, not synthetic skill, check this out.


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