How much faster is a 2015 WRX than a 2014 WRX around Wakefield Park?

The 2014 Subaru WRX has raced the refreshed 2015 Subaru WRX in a timed lap around Wakefield Park. So, how much faster is a 2015 WRX than a 2014 WRX?

MOST OF THE time manufacturer promo videos aren’t all that interesting, just lots of beauty shots. But Subaru have done it right.

Last year there was a major update of the much-loved WRX and WRX STi, which we covered in detail with a first drive of the WRX CVT, an STi track test, an enthusiast’s view, a tech review and even an 86 vs WRX comparo.  
But we didn’t do any timed laps.  Luckily, Subaru decided to see how much quicker the old version was compared to the new, and here are the results:
Model 0-100 (s) Laptime (m.s)
WRX – MY14 5.43 1.12.95
WRX – MY15 5.49 1.11.35
WRX STi – MY14 4.90 1.10.65
WRX STi – MY15 4.99 1.09.60
And that’s how they got the results:

Postscript: the launch event was great fun, and a bit unusual.  The use of a racetrack is one reason – not every manufacturer dares to let its “sports” cars out onto an actual racetrack.  Subaru does.  Then we were allowed to change stability control and other settings.  Normally there’s a stern warning about not changing the setup.  And finally, while it’s not unusual to run behind a pacecar, in this case the pace of the pacecar was nice and quick! That’s the mark of confidence in your product. 
Here’s a complete lap of Wakefield Park in a 2015 WRX STi taken at the launch so you can see what the track looks like, and it’s well worth a visit.  

Sorry, I can’t think of a decent segue for the photo below and there’s no real reason to post it other than just the sight of all that Subie goodness at Wakefield.  Warms the heart!  And they look like they’re all stock, too…

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Robert Pepper

Robert Pepper