20 Jun 2017

How to get a sports car out of the mud

7 years ago 4 2

An unexpected encounter with some soggy earth during a recent road trip was a reminder to always be prepared, but also, to make the best of what you’ve got…

Jane Speechley 4
in-car etiquette
30 May 2017

A simple guide to in-car etiquette – Part Two

7 years ago 9 7

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about good in-car etiquette for passengers – not messing with the controls, taking your rubbish with you when you go, and so forth.

Jane Speechley 9
school zone
26 May 2017

‘You just got passed by a girl’… no, I didn’t…

7 years ago 2 2

Having kids has changed a lot of things for me, not the least is my stress level and patience for those who clearly don’t have children, like the lady who overtook me this morning…

Isaac Bober 2
24 May 2017

Driver training, noughts and crosses, and chess

7 years ago 4 2

How do you improve a skill that’s impossible to perfect, or why driver training is more like chess than noughts and crosses.

Robert Pepper 4
Audi R8 V10
12 May 2017

Performance cars are pointless… in this country?

7 years ago 29 9

…That’s a statement that would have been sacrilegious to my younger self, but the world and I have changed, so, is there really any point to performance cars?

Isaac Bober 29
Car makers can be their own worst enemy
12 May 2017

Car makers can be their own worst enemy

7 years ago 8 1

You won’t give a car maker your business if you don’t trust it. The first job of a car is to start in the morning and get you there reliably. All the systems must just work.

Paul Horrell 8
Honda Civic Type R
25 Apr 2017

Honda Civic Type R sets lap record around the Nurburging… and I don’t much care

7 years ago 6 0

The all-new Honda Civic Type R has become the fastest front-wheel drive car around the Nürburgring Nordschleife, and I almost wish it wasn’t.

Paul Horrell 6
17 Apr 2017

Heritage listing for vintage cars

7 years ago 1 0

Heritage listing rules have saved many admired original houses from being neglected, modified or lost… but what about for cars?

Alex Rae 1
26 Mar 2017

ROUGH STUFF: Movie review

7 years ago 12 0

When I heard about an off-road action comedy feature film set in Australia. I had to see it…

Robert Pepper 12
Top Gear Season 24
21 Mar 2017

Why I like the new Top Gear – Season 24…

7 years ago 2 0

Different is not necessarily bad… and I reckon the new Season 24 of Top Gear is good.

Robert Pepper 2
14 Mar 2017

Breakdown: You don’t have to get a tow truck

7 years ago 3 5

Stuck in the middle of nowhere and with a car that won’t start a tow truck seems the only way out, but there’s another option.

Alex Rae 3
The best and worst of the 2017 Geneva Motor Show
13 Mar 2017

The Geneva Motor Show 2017 – The best and worst cars of the show

7 years ago 1 0

The covers have been whipped off and the car company executives returned home… here are the best and worst of the 2017 Geneva Motor Show.

Paul Horrell 1
13 Mar 2017

Exploring Australia with a Jaguar F-Pace

7 years ago 3 2

Sometimes a new car road test is just a day on a press launch, and other times it’s a road trip like the one we took the Jaguar F-Pace on…

Robert Pepper 3
Top Gear Season 24 trailer released
13 Mar 2017

Why Top Gear needs to be turned off… and Fifth Gear turned back on

7 years ago 5 1

Forget the back-story and the atrocious return to the screen last year, there’s a new Top Gear on TV, but I’m not so sure it should be.

Isaac Bober 5
20 Feb 2017

Live axled or manual transmission 4X4s on sale in Australia: February 2017

7 years ago 27 0

You want a ‘traditional’ 4X4? Then buy now… Here’s a guide to the only live-axled, manual transmission 4x4s on sale in Australia.

Robert Pepper 27
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