Volvo Trucks has released its latest YouTube commercial this time pranking a first-day-on-the-job parking attendant at a Casino on the Italian Riviera.

VOLVO TRUCKS IS becoming a master at the ‘viral’ YouTube commercial. And it looks like it’s got another hit on its hands with the release of its latest Ad, ‘The Casino’ in which a first-day-on-the-job parking valet is given the keys a brand-new Volvo FH. Busy parking exotic sportscar after exotic sportscar, Ambrogio Adani, the parking attendant in question, gets the shock of his life when a Volvo FH truck pulls up outside the casino he works for. The truck is toting Volvo Trucks’ new I-Shift Dual Clutch Transmission and so, or so Volvo Trucks claims, it “has a whole lot in common with a sports car”.

“Just like the technology found in many sports cars, I-Shift Dual Clutch features double clutches, which means the truck loses neither road speed nor torque during gear changes. Volvo Trucks is the first manufacturer in the world to develop this kind of transmission for series-produced heavy trucks,” a statement reads.

How does I-Shift Dual Clutch work? It’s best described as being two parallel-linked gearboxes. When one gear is active, the next gear is pre-selected in the other gearbox. During the gear changing itself, the first clutch is disengaged at exactly the same instant that the second one is engaged, so gear changes take place without any interruption in power delivery. Think of it as being exactly like a Volkswagen DSG.

Now watch the film…


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