Last week Volvo issued a recall for more than 3000 vehicles in Australia, the recall has rolled out globally with 507,000 vehicles caught up because of the potential for the engine bay to catch fire.

Volvo Australia issued a recall for the S60, S90, V40, V40 Cross Country, V60, V90 Cross Country, XC60, and XC90 ranging from model years 2014 through to 2019 with the reason being the potential for an engine bay fire. That was 3828 vehicles.

Now the recall has rolled out globally with 507,000 vehicles being recalled. The reason for the recall is because of the potential for an engine valve leak that could cause the engine intake manifold to “melt/deform”. “If the engine intake manifold melts/deforms, the engine may experience reduced power, increasing the risk of an accident, injury or fire hazard,” the recall notice said.

Volvo Car Australia and Volvo around the world is contacting owners to advise of the recall and encourage them to have their vehicle taken to their preferred Volvo dealer for free rectification work. “If owners notice any unusual engine operation, such as the engine management light being lit, engine interruption or lack of power, please contact your local Volvo retailer,” the recall notice said.


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