Volvo has announced the launch of technology across Europe that allows Volvo cars to communicate safety data with other Volvo cars.

Volvo cars in Europe will soon be able to communicate with each other and warn drivers of “nearby slippery road conditions and hazards via a cloud-based network”.

The safety technology that the cars will communicate is, Hazard Light Alert and Slippery Road Alert which were first introduced in 2016 on 90 series vehicles in Sweden and Norway. “Next week, the features become available to Volvo drivers across Europe. They come as standard on all new model year 2020 Volvos and can be retrofitted on selected earlier models,” Volvo announced.

“Sharing real-time safety data between cars can help avoid accidents,” said Malin Ekholm, Head of the Volvo Cars Safety Centre. “Volvo owners directly contribute to making roads safer for other drivers that enable the feature, while they also benefit from early warnings to potentially dangerous conditions ahead.”

How does it work? As soon as an “equipped” Volvo switches on its hazard lights, the Hazard Light Alert sends a signal to all nearby Volvo cars connected to the cloud service, warning drivers to help avoid potential accidents.

Meanwhile, Slippery Road Alert increases the driver’s awareness of both current road conditions and those on the road ahead by anonymously collecting road surface information from cars farther ahead on the road and warning drivers approaching a slippery road section in advance.

Volvo hasn’t detailed the range of the system but it’s common-sense to expect that it will only communicate with vehicles in the immediate vicinity.

Question: Would you like to see Volvo introduce this technology in Australia?


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