The Toyota RND Concept that was promised to influence the design of all cars on the road has turned out to be a promotion for Red Nose Day in the UK.

YESTERDAY, TOYOTA UK issued a statement about the upcoming release of the Toyota RND Concept. It was a concept no-one had heard about, yet Toyota was saying it would be ready to hit the road within weeks.

Well, we were sucked in. But the Netherlands’ De Telegraaf newspaper wasn’t and it hassled Toyota for more information. It turns out the RND Concept was designed by Toyota UK to raise awareness of Red Nose Day which is on 13 March in the UK. Red Nose Day is held on June 26 in Australia.

In an official statement, Toyota Europe said: “Please forgive us the unique sense of humour of our British colleagues. RND concept is a bogus concept model meant to raise awareness of the British charity initiative Red Nose Day”. The image in the teaser photo shows a Toyota Auris (Corolla) wearing a red nose.

“The Red Nose Day car is nothing more than a Toyota Auris with a red nose. The red nose [will be] sold in February and March by British Toyota dealerships.”

Get involved with Red Nose Day locally, by following this link.


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