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Toyota issues second Takata airbag recall on Corolla and Rukus…

Toyota has issued a second recall on around 48,000 Corolla and Rukus vehicles because of incorrectly installed airbag inflators.

TOYOTA AUSTRALIA has issued an urgent recall on more than 40,000 Corolla and Rukus vehicles (produced between 2007 – 2012) which had previously been recalled as part of previous Takata airbag recall campaigns. The issue, according to Toyota, is that “Some replacement passenger’s front air bag inflators may have been incorrectly installed”.

“If vehicles have an incorrectly installed inflator, the passenger’s front air bag may not properly inflate as designed during deployment, increasing the risk of injury in the event of an accident,” Toyota said.

Toyota said it is reaching out to affected vehicle owners and hopes to commence repairs this month (March). Vehicles will be inspected by Toyota dealers who will confirm whether the inflator is installed correctly; the inspection takes 15 minutes while the repair, if necessary, takes more than an hour. This inspection and, if required, reinstallation will be carried out free of charge.

Affected vehicles:

Model Name Model Code WMI VDS CD VIN Range Production Period Qty
From To From To
COROLLA SEDAN ZRE152 JTN BU52E # 02000030 0J056143 6-Mar-07 1-Sep-10 5,850
BU56E 02000244 0J102690 14-Mar-07 26-Dec-12 13,070
ZRE153 BZ56E 0J000104 0J000947 26-Mar-10 25-Dec-12 335
COROLLA HATCH ZRE152 JTN KU52E # 01007835 0J000793 7-Mar-07 30-Sep-09 3,101
KU56E 01007454 0J097164 12-Mar-07 23-Jul-12 19,582
KU58E 01105674 01139216 1-Oct-09 31-Aug-10 4,949
RUKUS AZE151 JTN KE4FE # 01118201 0J030530 26-Feb-10 26-Dec-12 660
ZE4FE 01118423 0J030498 26-Feb-10 25-Dec-12 625

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Isaac Bober

Isaac Bober