Toyota and Lexus have announced they will offer electric or electrified vehicles across their entire range by 2025.

TOYOTA AND LEXUS are targeting 50% electrified vehicle sales by the end of 2030, or around 5.5 million vehicles. Indeed, the brand has committed to not producing a vehicle line-up without an electrified variant.

Toyota has committed to offering more than 10 battery electric vehicles by the early 2020s, launching them in China first before rolling them out around the world.

In a statement, Toyota said: “The company’s fuel-cell electric vehicle line-up will be expanded for both passenger and commercial vehicles in the 2020s.
“The hybrid vehicle line-up will also grow, thanks to the further development of the Toyota Hybrid System II featured in the current-generation Prius and other models.
“Toyota aims to introduce a more powerful version in some hybrid models, develop simpler hybrid systems for select models and expand its plug-in hybrid vehicle line-up in the 2020s.”

Toyota has announced a partnership with Panasonic to produce a feasibility study on a joint automotive prismatic business. Prismatic batteries are a soft-pack litium-ion battery that are lighter, smaller and more flexible than current lithium-ion batteries.

Toyota pioneered the push into hybrid technology with its Prius in 2007 and, while the environmental and fuel efficiency benefits of that vehicle are questionable, it has become a halo model for eco warriors everywhere.

Question: Is Toyota finally on the right track with electric vehicles and, do we think with Toyota putting its weight behind EVs and fuel cell vehicles that the switch might happen a little quicker?


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