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Suzuki iM-4 concept leaked

The Suzuki iM-4 concept has been leaked by an Instagram page @SuzukiCars (not official), revealing a compact SUV but not the Jimny replacement we’d thought.

AN UNOFFICIAL SUZUKI FAN PAGE on Instagram (@SuzukiCars) has revealed what it claims are the first official images of the Suzuki iM-4 concept which will get its official unveiling at the Geneva Motor Show tomorrow.

The image appears to come from a brochure and was leaked on the Instagram page alongside an image of the iK-2 concept. Both vehicles will be unveiled in full at Geneva and have so far only been teased by the Japanese car maker.

It was thought the iM-4 concept hinted at a new-generation Jimny 4×4 but this idea has been crushed by the leaked image which shows a compact SUV that will likely go head-to-head with the Ford EcoSport and Renault Captur.

We’ll know more tomorrow when Suzuki officially unveils both concept cars.

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Isaac Bober

Isaac Bober