Subaru Viziv Performance concept revealed at the Tokyo Motor Show hinting at what the next-generation WRX could look like.

SUBARU HAS USED its Viziv concepts to tease future models before, and often they arrive largely untouched in production form, take the original VIZIV from 2013 which, if you squint, hints at the latest-generation Impreza. And then there was the Viziv-7 which ended up as the US-only Ascent.

Subaru is keeping very quiet about the VIZIV Performance and hasn’t really released any technical details other than suggesting it, “draws inspiration from previous production models symbolizing the Subaru driving experience: the Legacy (Liberty in Australia), which defined Subaru as a driver’s car, plus Impreza and WRX, which took the World Rally Championship by storm”.

Because Impreza and WRX are now being treated as separate models, it’s entirely possible the VIZIV Performance Concept could spawn the new WRX. It features a more aggressive looking front end and, the overall shape is more evolution of WRX with its square-blistered guards at the front and back, than it is new-look Liberty. The concept measures 4630mm long 1950 wide, with a wheelbase of 2730mm.

More than just performance, the VIiziv concept offers the next-gen EyeSight system along with bolt-on elements, including integrated GPS and navigation systems which will be rolled out in production form from 2020 and will allow Subaru vehicles to perform autonomous lane changes and more and improve pedestrian safety.


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