The Subaru VIZIV Future Concept SUV has been revealed ahead of its global debut at the Tokyo Motor Show where, Subaru will reveal four new production models and two new concept cars.

SUBARU PLANS TO SHOW off 10 new vehicles at the upcoming Tokyo Motor Show and today has revealed details of its headline act, the VIZIV Future Concept which offers a glimpse at a future Subaru SUV, safety developments and also autonomous driving technology. Besides the VIZIV, Subaru will also show its Impreza 5-Door Concept which previews the next-generation Impreza, and four new production models that will be revealed at the motor show on 28 October.

The recently detailed Forester and a refreshed XV will also be on display as well as a host of WRX-based derivatives, including a special edition WRX S4.

Subaru VIZIV concept

Forgive the translation, but here’s how Subaru desicribes its VIZIV Future Concept: “Along with a package of design features that motivate the owner to get out and get active, this car gives a look at next-generation technologies that will further enhance the reputation of Subaru for “enjoyment and peace of mind” in driving. Among them are the automatic driving technology resulting from the ongoing evolution of EyeSight, and the power unit combining a downsized turbo engine with a hybrid system. Subaru remains focused on providing cars that enrich the lives of customers, as the start of an exciting new chapter. The Subaru VIZIV Future Concept gives a glimpse at the future Subaru has in mind for the brand”.

Although Subaru hasn’t officially said so, it wouldn’t be too much of a stretch to suggest the VIZIV Future Concept hints at the next-generation Forester. On the outside, the VIZIV looks like a Subaru … but on the inside, it looks very different. Yes, it’s a concept, but much of the stuff on display could easily become reality.

Subaru VIZIV concept

Indeed, the EyeSight system featured on the VIZIV is just a development of the current system, and instead of just monitoring the front of the vehicle, now offers 360-degree monitoring. This means, says Subaru, “not only is collision avoidance realized during straight-ahead movement, but avoidance of collision in all directions, with vehicles, bicycles, and pedestrians, when turning at intersections or when backing up, is also enhanced”.

More than this, it’s hinted that the VIZIV system offers autonomous driving in key situations, like on highways, while automatic parking is supported at home and at commercial car parks. According to Subaru, “The adoption of technological advances in telematics and HMI enables anticipation of traffic, weather, and other conditions along the route ahead, as well as effective communication of intentions with people and vehicles. Communication of information supporting the customer’s hobbies and other aspects of an active life is another feature of automatic driving that imparts driving peace of mind while making car life more interesting”.

Under the bonnet is the next-generation of the hybrid system that features in the Japan-only XV Hybrid, although the petrol engine is now the 1.5-litre four-cylinder turbo engine from the Subaru Levorg. “The downsized turbo engine adopted by Subaru for the first time in the Levorg has been further advanced, and optimized in all dimensions specifically for the next generation of cars. Compact size, light weight, and net thermal efficiency that is top in the segment raise to a new level the ability of Subaru to combine enjoyable driving with fuel efficiency,” Subaru says.

The VIZIV still offers AWD, although thanks to the electric motor mounted concentrically on the rear axle the prop shaft has been ditched. This has allowed for a flat floor interior, particularly noticeable for back seat passengers.

Impreza concept sketches

As for the Impreza 5-door Concept, Subaru hasn’t said much at all although it has released these sketches, stating only that it “takes its inspiration from the design of the next-generation Impreza envisaged in FHI’s Mid-Term Management Vision “Prominence 2020,” announced in May 2014, as the first Subaru new-generation model”.

Impreza concept sketches

Stay tuned, because we’ll bring you all the latest Subaru news as we get closer to the Tokyo Motor Show.


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  1. Subaru always tend to titillate at shows and don’t follow though in production. But if this is the indication for the next Forester, even if only half right it will be worth the wait.

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