Subaru has announced the introduction of a five-year, unlimited kilometre warranty on all new vehicles sold from today (January 1).

Subaru has followed the recent trend of increasing warranties from three to five-years with Toyota one of the only players left standing with a three-year warranty. According to a brief statement by Subaru, the boost to five years from three was because of an “extensive review”.

The brand also announced it was adjusting its capped price servicing from three to five years.

Subaru Australia Managing Director Colin Christie said: “Subaru has long been renowned for great engineering, durability, and whole-of-life ownership experience and this latest move to five year warranty and Capped Price Servicing offers yet more peace-of-mind for our customers, who are among the most loyal in the Australian automotive industry.

“While we have had periods of promotional five-year warranty on some models in recent times, this development offers our customers consistency right across the range.”


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