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Subaru Impreza Sedan concept teased ahead of LA Motor Show reveal

The ‘next-generation’ Subaru Impreza Sedan concept has been teased overnight ahead of its official reveal at the LA Motor Show later this month.

FOLLOWING THE Tokyo Motor Show reveal of the Impreza Hatch concept, Subaru has teased a dark profile photo of its Impreza Sedan concept. Unlike the current Impreza, this new Sedan Concept looks particularly sporty in profile. And, like the Hatch, seems more production ready than water-testing concept.

Subaru didn’t say anything about the Impreza Sedan concept other than that it would be revealed on November 19. Spy photographers have managed to snaffle pics of the new Impreza out and about testing.

Built on the newly developed Subaru Global Platform, the new Impreza is expected to be slightly bigger than the current car, which will increase its appeal to young families. Nothing is known about the engine range, but it’s likely the current engine will be carried over with some tweaks to improve fuel efficiency.

We’ll have more as we stumble closer to the reveal on 19 November. Stay tuned.

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8 years ago

God the current tune of the engine is woeful, they really need to find some more power and torque and get rid of that woeful cvt gearbox.

Well after the last teaser farce where the road car was butt ugly compared to the concept car they better not pull the same trick again.

Isaac Bober

Isaac Bober