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Skoda VisionS hints at future SUV design…

Skoda has released design sketches of its VisionS concept which hints at “how Skoda’s future SUV could look”…

THE ONLY THING IS that we’ve already seen spy shots of Skoda’s new SUV running around. So, we know that the VisionS is more ‘definitely’ than ‘how’ a future Skoda SUV will look (the S in VisionS stands for SUV). In recent years Skoda has been busy tweaking its passenger car line-up and is claiming the next phase of its product plan involves growth in the SUV segment.

The VisionS sits in a segment above the Yeti, so, think Touareg size and it will be a seven-seat model too. The VisionS measures 4700mm long, 1910mm wide, and 1680mm high. Inside “traditional brand values are recreated with a large interior, here featuring three rows of seats, offering a generous space for six occupants”.

Skoda VisionS shows future SUV

If you’ve seen a new Octavia on the road you’ll have noticed the wider grille. The VisionS borrows this giving the thing a broad and purposeful snout. According to Skoda, “Crystalline elements in the vertical struts in the grille and on the logo are ŠKODA’s tribute to the Czech art of crystal-glass design”.

“The rear of ŠKODA’s VisionS has been sculpturally designed with a strong diffuser insert bordering the large exhaust pipes, giving the large SUV a visually powerful stance. The ŠKODA logo and shallow rear lights with dynamically cut crystalline housings sit just beneath the low rear window, while ŠKODA’s characteristic C-arm, beginning at the rear lights, runs into the flat reflectors in the bumper,” Skoda said in a statement.

The VisionS will go on display at the Geneva motor show in March.

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Isaac Bober

Isaac Bober