Following confirmation from Subaru Australia, yesterday, that its refreshed Subaru BRZ would arrive in Australia “sometime this year” images have surfaced online overnight.

SUBARU AUSTRALIA wouldn’t say when the refreshed BRZ would arrive in Australia and hasn’t released images of the refreshed vehicle in the same way that Toyota has. The refreshed twin-under-the-skin Toyota 86 was recently revealed showing minor styling changes and some so-slight-they’re-almost-not-worth-it power and torque improvements.

Toyota claims the suspension has been tweaked too, but as an 86 owner, our Robert Pepper wondered why the Japanese car maker had bothered. If you look at the interior pic of the refreshed BRZ spied, er, on the factory floor then you’ll notice it looks a little nicer inside than its equivalent 86 (thanks to the new climate control dials), and the Infotainment unit is miles ahead with its menu buttons on each side, making life much easier than bashing at the Toyota’s sluggish unit.

Beyond these images, released by ft86 club there isn’t much else to say. It’s very likely the refreshed BRZ will follow with the same tweaks as the Toyota 86. And, to be honest, this might be all we can expect until the next-generation BRZ/86 arrives in a few years time.

There have been rumours that Subaru has been caught testing a mid-engined vehicle, but Subaru insiders have told Practical Motoring this is most likely the next generation BRZ or confusion around the possible use of Subaru’s new platform and its ability to carry dual powertrains. So, might the next-generation BRZ/86 actually be a petrol rear-driver with an electric motor up front?


A refreshed Subaru BRZ will be here later this year


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