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Updated: 2016 Kia Sportage spied in the metal

Just a day or so after Kia released design sketches of its new Sportage, the Tucson-based Kia Sportage has been spied undisguised in Korea.

TRUST THE INTERNET. Just a day after Kia released teaser design sketches of the 2016 Kia Sportage, which will be revealed in full at the Frankfurt Motor Show next month, WorldCarFans has published a video of the Sportage undisguised.

The video doesn’t show the front-end of the car (read into that what you will) but it does show the rear and profile which look swoopier and sportier than the outgoing model which isn’t a bad looker. There aren’t any details to speak of besides what Kia has already announced, which isn’t much beyond suggesting the new Sportage will set the scene for the look of future Kia product.

That said, given it shares a lot of its oily bits with the Tucson and will likely get its own suspension tune when it arrives in Australia, we can expect things like the engines to be the same. With a reveal set for 15 September, we’ll likely get to see more of the Sportage before its big day at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

Updated: Following the video hitting the Internet yesterday, more images of the new Sportage have surfaced. What do you think?


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Isaac Bober

Isaac Bober