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Nissan changes its logo

Nissan’s next-gen product onslaught for the next decade will be fronted by a new-look logo.

As part of Nissan’s big Ariya electric SUV unveil yesterday, the Japanese brand has also updated its logo.

The move is a recent trend, with VW and BMW updating their own logos in the last 12 months. For Nissan, the logo is now simpler and will front new models such as the electric Ariya and other new electrics variants, but also petrol and diesel-driven cars like the upcoming Z.

While simple in design, penning the new logo started three years ago and went through various iterations in the design team, as one would expect. The result is a lightweight logo that can be illuminated but also look distinguished without LED lighting.

Practically, the new-look Nissan logo will mean an update for the brand globally – including websites, marketing collateral and dealership signage.

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Alex Rae

Alex Rae