According to leaked images from a Toyota event, we now have timing on when the new 86 will arrive.

THE NEXT-GENERATION Toyota 86 coupe will land in the US mid-2021, and likely in Australia not long after.

Revealed in a secret Toyota dealer presentation in the US, a leaked image of one slide on the GR86 forum shows the timing for a number of new Toyota models, including the Toyota 86, now named GR 86 in-line with Toyota’s performance Gazoo Racing brand.

Scheduled to lob into the US mid-2021, the 86 will be shown not long after a hybrid-only ‘all-new crossover’ which will be shown this year, according to the slide. Toyota has already trademarked the new GR 86 name in Australia, so you can fully expect the new model to be available here.

Following the 86 launch in the US will be an all-new CUV, the next-gen Tundra ute and follow-ups to the US Sequoia and 4Runner models.

Both Toyota and Subaru, the two parties which developed the current 86/BRZ twins and are developing the next-gen models, already confirmed the project was going ahead in an announcement late last year. However, this is the first time we’ve seen what appears to be official timing on Toyota’s effort with the sports car.

No other details have been confirmed yet, though reports indicate Subaru’s new ‘FA24F’ 2.4-litre turbo flat-four petrol engine will be used, producing around 194kW and 376Nm. A variation of that engine in the Subaru WRX is mated to a manual transmission, so we can hope that Toyota and Subaru will both a stick shift in the new coupe, also confirmed by our own exclusive report last month.

Scheduled timeline for next-gen Toyota models (USA):

Sienna (All Hybrid) – late 2020

All-New Crossover (All Hybrid) – late 2020

86 – mid 2021

All-New CUV – Q3 2021

Tundra – Q4 2021

Sequoia and 4Runner – 2022

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