A surprisingly vigorous update to Subaru’s popular SUV arrives in time for 2022.

A facelift to Subaru’s fifth-generation Forester is coming down under, with the updated model shown already to the Japanese market.

It brings a revised look upfront with some further changes underneath and updates inside, including revised suspension and new alloy wheels.

What is most noticeable is the two new LED headlights upfront which sculpts away some of the current MY20 models’ inside bulbs for a more aggressive look. The front fascia is also changed somewhat, and the appearance is certainly different from what we’re used to – and a more major change from Subaru than usual.

The tailgate and sides are less of a bother, apparently, with not much of a rethink back there.

Inside the cabin, the underlying design is the same, with the central small digital screen sitting atop a console where the climate control and infotainment sit. However, the windscreen is different thanks to a largely revised EyeSight safety system comprising four cameras and a new stereo camera. The hardware connects to new software and adds to Subaru’s repertoire of advanced safety systems with turn and signal pre-collision sensing.

Another new tech on the safety side is Advanced Automatic Collision Notification which sends an alert to an operations centre including sat-nav positioning, useful information for emergency services. The sat-nav positioning is now also used to assist adaptive cruise control to slow for corners, much like some other makers are already offering.

There is otherwise no further notable changes but we can expect the updated model will arrive in Australia soon with the same drivetrain offering: a 2.5-litre naturally-aspirated four-cylinder engine and CVT automatic; don’t expect to see the more powerful 2.4-litre turbo model available in the US come here anytime soon.


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