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Morgan Motor Company teases new ‘supercar’

British car maker, Morgan, has teased a short video of its new ‘supercar’, which might be a new SuperSports model.

UPDATED: Morgan released a ‘teaser’ image of its supposedly new ‘supercar’ due to be revealed at the Geneva Motor Show next month (March). But, the teaser image is actually showing the Morgan SuperSports which has the local importer, Zagame Automotive Group, a little confused.

“I do not understand what the Morgan Motor Company is doing, as the teaser shot is of the SuperSports,” Morgan Australia spokesperson, Chris Van Wyck told Practical Motoring. “Perhaps the new model retains the same front as the outgoing SuperSports.”

So, is the new Morgan just an updated SuperSports? Given the SuperSports is the brand’s flagship and ceases production in April this year, it’s highly likely. While Van Wyck said he hadn’t seen the new vehicle and those importers and dealers in the UK and Europe who had had been sworn to secrecy.

“Some UK and European dealers have seen it, but they are sworn to secrecy,” Van Wyck said.

“What I do know is that the Aero Coupe and Aero SuperSports will cease production in April, but the current Plus 8 continues.”

The video doesn’t reveal any exterior details, just a sweep of the seats and closing on a shot of some welding to, we guess, emphasise the hand-made nature of Morgan vehicles.

We’ve reached out to Morgan Australia for an explanation, and as we know more, we’ll update this article.

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