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2016 Range Rover Evoque teased

Land Rover has released a picture of the headlights for the 2016 Range Rover Evoque which will be revealed at the Geneva Motor Show in March.

THE HEADLIGHTS ONLY have been teased as the 2016 Range Rover Evoque will, according to the brand, be the first Land Rover to feature full LED adaptive headlights. Beyond that, Land Rover is keeping details close to its chest, although it’s expected to reveal a convertible Evoque at the Geneva Motor Show as there have been multiple sightings of them in near production ready trim, and we know it’ll get a refreshed engine line-up borrowing engines from the recently-launched Jaguar XE.

As to what other cosmetic changes Land Rover will make to the Evoque we don’t know, but we’d expect them to be minor. Indeed, Gerry McGovern, Land Rover Design Director and Chief Creative Officer said: “Our challenge has been to enhance Evoque without diluting its iconic design. The design refreshments give it an even greater presence on the road yet retain the emotional appeal that has made it so popular with more than 400,000 consumers around the world.”

Further details of the 2016 Range Rover Evoque will be released on 23 February.

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Isaac Bober

Isaac Bober