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Limited-edition Morgan AR Plus 4 revealed

Celebrating 65 years of Plus 4 production, Morgan has revealed its limited-edition Morgan AR Plus 4 overnight.

THE LIMITED-EDITION Morgan AR Plus 4 will only see 50 units hand-built by Morgan’s motorsport arm, AR Motorsport. The AR Plus 4 is being offered to celebrate the Morgan Plus 4 turning 65.

Under the bonnet is a Cosworth 2.0-litre engine that thumps out 168kW in a vehicle that weighs just 900kg (without the driver). Further changes over the standard Plus 4 include an all-new suspension, the addition of adjustable shock absorbers, a new braking system, a different axle ratio and a revised chassis.


According to Morgan, one of the key challenges in producing the AR Plus 4 was around packing in plenty of performance and modernity but retaining the Morgan’s air of “classic motoring”.  “The ARP4 achieves this by maintaining the use of Morgan’s core materials; ash, aluminium and leather. However, by altering the mix of how these are applied gives an entirely new and exciting impression. Aluminium panels are left untrimmed and exposed adding to the sense of lightweight performance, whilst box weave carpets celebrate the leather and reintroduce comfort, detail and luxury,” Morgan said in a statement.

Over standard production Morgan models, the AR Plus 4 gets soundproofing in the canvas hood and throughout the body to help reduce wind noise and general NVH. LED cluster headlights “offer better road visibility, ensuring the ARP4 is further suited for long distance touring”. 

Morgan is asking £54,995 (or $121,000+) for its limited-run AR Plus 4 and some of the cars have already been purchased.

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Isaac Bober

Isaac Bober