The McLaren 675LT JVCKENWOOD concept has been revealed at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, adding cameras and a heads-up display to the limited-edition coupe.

THE RECENTLY-RELEASED McLaren 675LT Coupe is limited to just 500 units worldwide and this JVCKENWOOD concept is based off a prototype vehicle. Unlike many of the other manufacturers pushing their car connectivity or autonomous driving technology, the McLaren 675LT JVCKENWOOD concept is more of a styling exercise than connected car technology.

According to McLaren, its design team, led by Peter Wilkins, “focussed their attention on the interior of the 675LT Coupe”.  

“To incorporate JVCKENWOOD’s technology, the team created a layered and panoramic yet purposeful interior using a mix of classic McLaren materials and innovative new fabrics”.

The dashboard is covered in a new material to minimise reflections in front of the driver, while the centre console has been stripped out, along with the air-conditioning. The 675LT Coupe steering wheel has been binned and replaced with the tiller from a McLaren P1 GTR with the IPAS and DRS buttons replaced by controls for the Heads-Up Display unit. “The HUD makes conventional instruments redundant, replaced by a vent framed by satin carbon fiber to provide cooling air directly to the driver.  A flash of colour is provided by Calypso Orange anodized vertical strakes, a colour and material that also surrounds the steering wheel-mounted start/stop button,” McLaren said.

McLaren 675LT JVCKENWOOD concept revealed

Above the driver sits the monitor for the Digital Rear View Monitor (DRVM). See, the usual wing mirrors have been replaced by cameras, reducing weight and drag at high speed for the 675LT Coupe concept.

So, in a nutshell, the McLaren 675LT Coupe concept gets a clever heads-up display system that replaces the conventional instrument cluster and cameras instead of wing mirrors. Hmm, seems a little underwhelming compared with some of the other vehicles on display at 2016 CES.


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