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The ultimate toy cars for kids

Woking’s 12v toy car is a mini McLaren GT.

McLaren, the well-known British supercar maker, has turned its attention to much younger drivers with the latest McLaren GT ride-on.

Though only a toy, it takes inspiration from the real thing with dihedral doors, matching wheel design and six colour options from the real car; Burnished Copper, Silica White, Onyx Black, McLaren Orange, Amaranth Red and Burton Blue.

There’s even a cost-option extra to channel the real car buying experience with the infotainment screen that plays music from an SD card or USB an optional accessory. Standard, it comes with a bucket seat and seat belt, working lights and switches, engine sounds on acceleration and pop-open boot for storing lunch.

McLaren’s merchandising department said that the small car should hopefully inspire kids to aim big when they can legally drive a supercar: “At McLaren Automotive, we aim to inspire the future generation of supercar enthusiasts.

“The new GT Ride-On allows even the smallest of fans to discover the magic of our pioneering supercars. We’re proud to develop and encourage younger minds and seek to create the next generation of drivers, engineers, and automotive designers.

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