The Kahn Design vengeance, an Aston Martin DB9-based retro-styled two-seat coupe has been teased in design sketches.

FOLLOWING AN OUTLINE last weekend, Kahn Design has released design sketches of its upcoming Aston Martin DB9-based retro-styled two-seat coupe which it’s dubbed Vengeance. According to Kahn, the Vengeance is designed to evoke the “the silhouette of a sabretooth [tiger] on the prowl,” and that it’s been inspired by Aston Martins from the 1980s and ‘90s.

While Kahn still hasn’t revealed full details of the car, it’s expected to retain the DB9’s engine and transmission, but will get a new front grille and a wide rear end. It’ll sit on 16-inch alloys at the front and 18s at the back.

Kahn Design Vengeance teased in sketches

Company founder Afzal Kahn said: “Launching the Vengeance is the realisation of a dream I’ve had since childhood, to design and produce my own car. I’ve worked in the industry my whole career, and I want to leave a legacy which I can be proud of.

“The design has gone through several iterations over the years and I’ve taken my time in selecting the right partners to prototype and manufacture the car, ensuring it represents the pinnacle of quality and perfection.”

“I’ve kept every aspect of the underlying car from the crash structures to airbags – mechanically it’s unaltered – why change perfection? This is coachbuilding in its traditional sense – taking a tried and tested product and working solely on the aesthetic.”

Kahn Design Vengeance teased in sketches

Kahn has said full details and actual photos of the Vengeance will be revealed in the next few weeks. Stay tuned.


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