Prindiville Design has revealed its G63 AMG-based Indomitable G which is a 30-piece kit designed to beef up the look and power of the G63 AMG.

PRINDIVILLE DESIGN has revealed its G63 AMG-based Indomitable G which not only gets a body kit but also brake and performance upgrades giving the thing an extra 37kW.

According to Prindiville Design, the “30-piece body kit is handcrafted in military-grade large weave carbonfibre; buyers have the option of a matt or lacquered finish, plus a choice of colour-ways, weaves and patterns.

“The lightweight carbonfibre kit comprises re-engineered front and rear bumpers, new front grille and headlight surrounds, wider wheel arches, bolder bonnet treatment, side skirts with an anti-slip coating on their upper surfaces, re-designed tail-lamp surrounds, and carbon replacements for the door handles, rubbing strips, door mirrors, induction vents and spare wheel cover”.

Beyond the cosmetic tweaks, the Indomitable G gets a set of six-spoke Prindiville Design alloy wheels, engineered for the weight of the vehicle, and uprated brake discs and calipers to cope with the extra power (37kW hike). The power hike is courtesy of a remapped ECU and a Prindiville sports exhaust system; the automatic gearbox’s software is also recalibrated to take into account the performance boost. Further performance tuning is available, according the whim and budget of the customer, the company said.

Inside, the cabin is retrimmed in high quality leather and Alcantara, “although customers are invited to express their personal preferences for a wide range of optional upholstery finishes and colours, as well as a multitude of wood, carbonfibre and metal materials for other interior trim pieces,” Prindiville Design said in a statement.

Completed new Prindiville Indomitable Gs are available – in limited numbers – from £250,000.


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