Ex-Formula One racer, Martin Brundle, driving a Jaguar XJR went head-to-head with self-proclaimed Jetman Dubai pilot, Yves Rossy…

IN A STUNT THAT makes the recent Lexus TV commercial look a little tame, Jaguar Land Rover pitted ex-Formula One racer, Martin Brundle, against Jetman Dubai pilot, Yves Rossy in a race “deep in the Dubai desert”. Yep, a bloke with jets strapped to his back, being dropped out of a helicopter to race a car, what could possibly go wrong? Nothing actually.

Brundle was driving the new 404kW, 5.0-litre Supercharged V8 Jaguar XJR while Rossy was strapped to his 2m-wide fixed wing, er, suit, powered by four Jet-Cat superchargers. The race took place on a closed private road and in the skies above it.

“This was the most unique race I have ever taken part in. I have never seen anything like the Jetman wing, full of technology and innovation, and Yves is an extremely brave man,” Brundle said, stating the bleeding obvious.

After five seconds of free-fall following his jump from the “Jetman launch helicopter”, Rossy was able to level off and power through the sky above the car, reaching a top speed of more than 300km/h before he flew over the line.

The rest of the statement was about how good the XJ is. Great… Just watch the race.


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