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Holden teams up with Uber to expand its Maven Gig program

Holden has confirmed its testing its Maven car-sharing operation via Uber in Australia, allowing customers to rent its vehicles for use with Uber.

AS TAXI ALTERNATIVES continue to thrive, car makers are looking to get in on the action. Holden has confirmed it is offering Uber drivers the opportunity to rent its vehicles via an extension of its Maven program what was rolled out in the US last year.

Uber drivers will need to sign up to General Motors’ Maven Gig program. “Maven Gig is pleased to offer Uber driver-partners a great range of the latest vehicles in a package that will help you work worry-free. Our low rates include the peace of mind offered by unlimited kilometres, flexible rental terms, 24/7 roadside assistance, insurance, scheduled servicing and no joining or exit fees. Our vehicles come to you direct from the manufacturer and include the latest in connectivity and safety technology,” the Maven Gig website states.

The program is operational in Melbourne and Sydney.

Holden isn’t the only car maker involved with car sharing. Subaru has been providing cars to peer-to-peer service, Drive My Car which now rents out its cars to Uber drivers.

Question: They’re called ride-sharing services, but are services like Uber really ride sharing, or just private people driving unmarked taxis for a dot com company?

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Isaac Bober

Isaac Bober