The next-generation Holden Commodore Supercars Concept has been revealed and will hit the track at selected rounds of next year’s season. Hopefully. 

HOLDEN IS SEEKING approval for its next-generation Holden Commodore Supercars racer to enter selected rounds of the Virgin Australia Supercars Championship in 2018. Holden released these computer-generated images yesterday.

“What an incredible-looking race car, it carries on the tradition of Commodores looking awesome on and off the track and ushers in a new era for our brand,” Holden’s Executive Director – Marketing, Mark Harland said.

“I can’t wait to see it out on the track claiming race wins next year.” 

Upon releasing the image, Holden confirmed the racer would be homologated with its current car’s V8 engine before switching to a twin-turbo V6 for the 2019 season. This engine is currently under development in the US. Once the engine’s finished, it will be available to all teams running Holden Supercars via a leasing program.

Holden said the staggered release of its racecar is designed to help those teams running Commodores to transition to the new car.

“It also allows Holden and Triple Eight Race Engineering to assist Supercars’ technical department with development of its programs ensuring the turbocharged V6 can achieve parity with the existing, naturally aspirated V8s,” Holden said.

“Our sport prides itself on Supercars being the closest competition in the world, and the phased introduction of the next-generation Commodore will ensure that is maintained,” Triple Eight Race Engineering team principal, Roland Dane said.

Supercars Australia Chief Executive Officer James Warburton said: “It is a pragmatic and sensible approach by Holden and Triple Eight Race Engineering in introducing the new Commodore and a twin-turbocharged V6 powered engine to the sport,” Warburton said.

“Importantly it is a win for all the current Teams in terms of the simplicity and market relevance for an easy transition to the new Commodore in 2018. This phased introduction sets a clear path forward for not only Holden but existing and new manufacturers in the sport.”


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    1. Looks better than any mercedes IMO. Mercedes current design DNA is crap, worst of all is the downward sloping hyena rear end. Disgusting! But given they are not offering a twin turbo V6 option on the road car, I have no interest in the new Commodore at all. But the racing car looks heaps better than the current Commodore race car, much sleaker.

  1. I want a red one because they go faster…OH, oh..Double Demerit Points..catch me if you can..Vrooom

  2. Twin turbo v6???? Have they not learnt anything will sound shit and only the die hards will love em similar to f1. KEEP THE V8

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